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“I remember doubting myself and it really rocked me to my core,” she says, remembering times when she would teach curriculum content and face a 14-year-old saying ‘you can’t teach me that.’

OK - so you will refuse to learn and fail that part of the course!

“The girl was so upset — she was sitting in the dark bawling,” says Mickie Pemberton, the assistant principal at McKnight Middle School in Renton, Washington, a diverse suburb 12 miles from downtown Seattle. “She said she couldn’t watch the video anymore — that it went against everything she believed.”

Time to grow up, grow out of the fairy stories and start learning about the scientific method, the real world and real universe.

Pemberton says. “I didn’t have the confidence of 10 years of teaching — I didn’t want to make people uncomfortable.”

It seems an inexperienced teacher could not handle it, - but it should not take 10 years experience to work it out. Facts do not get revised to accommodate emotional outbursts.

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