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This is hilarious, on two fronts... one is the idea that a 77 year old, supposedly celibate Nun has anything meaningful to say on the topic of sexuality, and the other is the Vatican not understanding that they should leave left well enough alone.

I am probably being too harsh on the old Nun. Having not read her book, I will assume that she has some insight and perspective that may indeed have relevance, but had it not been for the Vatican denunciation, I probably would never had any inkling to go beyond the liner notes.

Now for the Vatican to denounce it 6 years after it was publish shows just how on top of things they are, and how they don't understand how the new world works. Through their own stupidity, they have brought more attention to what they had hoped to prevent than it ever would have gotten otherwise. It also shows in vivid detail and what undoubtedly end up on the national news, what an incredible bunch of douche bags they really are.

All I can do is laugh at their stupidity whilst cringing at their inane attempt to enforce their outdated, misogynistic, homophobic and irrelevant views on their (still too many) followers.

Thanks Vatican, for helping convert your own over to Atheism.

Wed, 06 Jun 2012 22:57:53 UTC | #945978