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Thank goodness this is not something We have to deal with here in Canada, or at least not in my part of Canada (New Brunswick) There was no creation in the classroom and we were all taught evolution. There was no emotional debate over evolution. The only Place I heard about Adam and Eve and the Creation Story was in Sunday School (I was brought up in a Roman Catholic Family, Now Atheist)

I guess this is why I find this whole debate so ridiculous. I can't understand how people can just ignore the scientific evidence. It's all there right in front of us to see an touch, yet they choose to dismiss evolution for a God they can't prove even exists. It makes no sense to me how grown adults could believe such nonsense.

Also I don't understand how believing in evolution makes you an atheist. Science does not equal Atheist, and if people believe that Science is just an Atheist's religion then there is a bigger problem in the world than I originally thought.

Just my 2 Cents.

Wed, 06 Jun 2012 23:19:41 UTC | #945984