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There are several things to consider:

  1. is the problem truly genetic? My mother was mentally unbalanced and cruel. I decided quite early on not to reproduce because I wanted to stop the spread of her genes. Yet when I look at my nieces and nephews there is no sign of that. Her genes, diluted in moderation, might just have given them a little spark and drive.

  2. If you are manic depressive, lithium is a very cheap drug to control it. However if you needed $2 million heart surgery at birth, you want to be very sure you don't visit that on the next generation.

  3. a big problem now, e.g. diabetes, might in another generation be fixed with gene manipulation, or an implant or something considered trivial.

  4. I get extremely annoyed with people who keep producing seriously handicapped children. They should be charged with some sort of assault. That is so selfish and so cruel.

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