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Call me cynical but this sounds like fundamentalist parental coaching.

I'm not sure how that's cynical. I don't know what else might elicit such an emotional response from a child.

It's complicated when kids are pawns. And they ARE pawns in a game like this. But they're also children so I don't know how I'd respond as a teacher, given my limited influence.

I think I'd try to imagine it in some other context. For instance, if the child came from a white supremacist home and broke down in tears if they saw a mixed race couple in a film I showed in class.

How would I deal with the facts of the situation, the insane ideology I was up against, while never losing sight of the fact that the child was coming face to face with truth when they'd been raised up in lies?

It must be very difficult to be a good teacher who cares about children in a world full of stupid.

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