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Comment 18 by susanlatimer

They should be getting the facts at school and that's all there is to it.

Well that is a pre-requisite to education...nonsense cannot be taught because it has no evidence.

My rather harsh comment in # based on the proviso that the best knowledge available should be imparted without fear or favour and if possible tested to demonstrate the validity of the premise. To show that a equation or a principle actually works as predicted will have far more effect on a young mind then repetition of a meme or a list of 'facts', however accurate, delivered rote!

And the consequences of the principles shown should be part of the discussion in class.

I am not saying that this does not happen ...I am saying failure to understand or learn the point should be penalized because it is the whole point of the lesson.

I am reminded of not so long ago a group of Muslims studying medicine refused to partake of lectures in can that be a justified act in a subject that is primarily a major facet of medicine both in practice and research. The university should have withdrawn their places and given them to students that want to learn the facts and can test them. It boggles the mind how these doyennes of a fairy story actually got through a secondary education in order to gain the academic credentials to attend medical school...and I suspect a blind eye was turned somewhere and is just not sustainable. Fail them...simples...there is no other way and using a velvet glove does not improve the problem just brushes it aside.

Society will be, and is, storing up so many problems and crisis for future generations to cope with because we are to 'respectful' of balderdash right here and now.

It is dangerous and it is not going away, accommodationism has been tried it is not going to work, it never has.

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