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Who gives a damn about what anyone believes? I do not get into these jams with students very often because I tell them right up front that what they believe does not matter one bit. They can believe anything they want. When they can prove their voodoo, we will talk about it in my science class.

I get into trouble every once in a while.... usually an angry parent calling to talk to the "jerk who said... blah blah blah.....". I sit at the meeting and tell the parent that it does not matter what they believe, we talk about facts in science class and conclusions based on those facts. If we talked about beliefs we'd be there all day (we are very diverse as far as religion goes).

Once, I was showing a class a clip of James Randi and one of my kids had a full out meltdown. Throwing books at the wall, crying, shaking..... Of course the kid had his teeth filed into fangs and thought he was a vampire.... Administration took the kid out of my class saying it was a "bad fit".

Turns out that the kid recovered and plays guitar and signed up for the guitar club (which I run)... He and I now get along very well and he stops by to chat every once in a while.

I'll reiterate, Who gives a damn about what anyone believes?

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