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Wow, what a panel of experts. The author of the article should really know better. I'm disgusted.

1) No one understands the genetics of this. It is an educated guess, and hers is as good as almost anyone's. Does the effectiveness of CBT disprove the genetic link? Of course not. Nobody understands this stuff... we just try to alleviate suffering and we just moved from exorcisms to leaches, from lobotomies and ECT to zombie pills which are known to "erase genius" along with pain (also sex drive, sense of humor, spiritual feelings, empathy, enjoyment of art and music, etc). Not breeding makes more sense than any of these, as a personal choice.

2) No one understands the mind and how depression works. Science has scratched the surface of this issue, and it's pretty impressive, but we have no predictive models for emotional well-being and the entire phenomenon eludes quantification.

3) The suffering is beyond comprehension and only one who has it is qualified to speak on it. Cystic fibrosis made Bob Flanagan a celebrated performer. Did his decision not to breed deny the world more genius? People do not exist for the sake of others, and no one should suffer so that others may laugh. To couple suffering with brilliance is pandering, insulting, and is rooted in the mystical notion that everything happens for a reason (God's Plan). People are brilliant in spite of their suffering, not because of it. 'That which does not kill me makes me stronger' is not a prescription for pain. We won't improve the species by subjecting individuals to more pain, or else we should just cut off the electricity and running water and watch Darwinism make us better people.

4) There is no cure for "depression" as the term refers to multiple and co-morbid conditions. Lithium, is not a panacea. Some people get lucky and a particular pill works, but even this can be doubted (observation effect and other paradoxes apply, such as people who like the drugs but their loved ones report severe social impairment or loss of personality ["Catch-22"] ).

She's being rational in public.

So she won't have kids... I wonder if we can talk her into clones.

"Should Depressed People Avoid Having Children?"

Absolutely. That's the last thing a depressed person needs, a screaming shit-bag.

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