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That children have no regular yearly check ups is certainly a problem for my plan. Sidelining girls who have traveled abroad sounds like a logistical nightmare. Should they be checked right there at the airport? Singling out girls by their vacation destination won't work. This is asking for a loud, nasty uproar.

I still like my plan best. Yearly checkups for all kids including genital checks. Evidence of any tampering by adults and it's see you in court!

Now I will criticize my own plan:

In countries with universal health care, getting the gov to pay for these extra exams will be like pulling hens' teeth.

Here in the States with our unethical inhumane health insurance system, the very population of girls that would be victims of FGM are the very ones who are probably going through life without medical insurance because their families can't afford any. They will stay under the radar of the authorities. Poor immigrants are invisible to well insured, middle and upper economic classes here.

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