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I absolutely agree that strict laws are needed and that somehow we need to make enforcement more effective but as I said in previous comments, a change in mentality of these communities is the only way that effective change will happen. Muslim immigrant communities in the West have an us against them, defensive attitude. If new ideas are strongly presented by community insiders there will be less resistance.

  1. Rally the matriarchs (through the mosques) to throw their considerable weight around in the community.

  2. Divide and conquer by pitting different thinking groups against each other. For example, the Maghreb North Africans don't practice FGM. They are absolutely horrified that others do this to girls. They recognize that this practice is attracting tons of negative press for all Muslims. Motivate them to criticize the groups that do practice FGM for the good of all.

This is a war of ideas. Remember what V said, "Ideas are bulletproof"

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