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Comment 24 by This Is Not A Meme :

"Should Depressed People Avoid Having Children?"

Absolutely. That's the last thing a depressed person needs, a screaming shit-bag.

That's so incredibly stupid it's hardly worth responding to... and yet here I go. How do you know? Are you an expert in depression and the effect of having a child has on the condition. If so I bow to your superior knowledge. But if so, you might back it up with a bit more.

Who's to say that having a child wouldn't help someone with depression? I don't know, I'm just putting it out there. Sure it can be tough, but it can be overwhelmingly rewarding at the same time. I had heard it said before I had children that nothing will ever prepare you for the feeling you get when your child is put in your arms for the first time. It is so extraordinary and can only be properly appreciated by those who have experienced it.

Your own child is a lot more than a 'sceaming shit-bag'. Are you 12?

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