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Fascinating that the pro creation position is one that always appeals to emotions rather than the facts. There is not a single bit of opposition to evolution being taught to students in this article that isn't rooted in fear of abandoning a belief that has nothing to back it up beyond what is forced on the child and likely was forced on the parents.

Not facts, fear.

You cannot contend that we have a lousy education system, and then maintain that science is affecting the children that are trying to work within said system. Science is part of the curriculum. Creationism is not. It is not in any way complicated. Education has to offer children a view of how the world exists so that they can learn to thrive in it. That's why schools exist. Creationism is not going to offer that.

Keep your beliefs out of the classroom, would you prefer science were brought to churches? That we attempt to posit evolution as part of the sermons that are spoken on Sundays?

Ignorance is no excuse when the tools to learn are there in an environment designed for you to learn.

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