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Yeah, I read Mr. Krahe said if he was convicted he would exile himself out of Spain. As a Spaniard myself I was astonished to learn that this law even existed and doubly so that it was actually being used to prosecute someone. It is article 525 of the criminal code, which reads something like this (please forgive my English, it is an improvised translation):

"1. A fine of eight to twelve months will be imposed to those who, in order to offend the feelings of the members of a religious confession, publicly deride, orally, in writing or by any type of document, their dogmas, beliefs rites or ceremonies, or to those who, also publicly, abuse those who profess or practice them."

The issue gets interesting, though, because the second paragraph of article 525 reads:

"2. The same penalties will be imposed to those who publicly deride, orally or in writing, those who do not profess any religion or belief."

So, in principle, atheist could also claim to be offended by religious people! It sounds crazy to me. But I very much doubt it. Sadly, I know that there are still many conservative Christians and many religious reminiscences in Spain.

I would also exile myself... wait, I am already an expat.

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