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Ugh.....depression is nothing. Try having bi-polar type 1 with psychotic features like me and end up in a psychiatric hospital twice. It was hell for me.

To the comment about living a positive life, the truth of the matter is many people really need to be on medication. I'm a prime example of that, I'm completely functional on my meds (bipolar is very easy to treat but it took me years to find the right cocktail with my psychiatrist)....but if I go two days without my meds, just two days I get hallucinations.

I decided not to have children (vasectomy) mainly because I don't want children...I want to enjoy my fragile life while I have it. My father has a mild case of bi-polar and he turned out to be a very successful engineer with a lot of friends and a cheerful (kind of manic) outlook on life. It can be harmless or it can be paralyzing, it depends. I will say one thing though, my father is one smart son of a bitch.

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