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funny, I want all of my students to be uncomfortable. I want to make them think and question; both activities should throw them off kilter. I want skeptics sitting in front of me. I want critical thinkers. And if they are not skeptical or critical at the beginning, i hope at least some of them leave as critical and skeptical.

I recently had a student bring up god in bio class when we were talking about abiogenesis and chemical evolution. I asked him if I could have a beaker full of god so I could study it. It resonated with everyone, even a colleague of mine who used the exact same line in his class later in the week.

Oh, and YES!!!! We cover abiogenesis, organic chemical evolution, the heterotroph hypothesis, the hot clay hypothesis, the RNA world hypothesis, as well as endosymbiotic theory and all of evolutions wonders.

I introduce the class on day one and tell my students that I hate the fact that we still call this class "Biology" as it should be called "Evolution" since that is what we study all semester long.

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