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Comment 11 by Metamag :

                 > [Comment 7](/articles/646169-petition-to-defend-indian-rationalist-from-false-accusations/comments?page=1#comment_946207) by   [Nairb](/profiles/34388) :> >   The problem here is not religous bullshit.It pseudo secular bullshit.> > India is not a secular state- its a multi religous state. Therefor ridiculous situations like this. And it happily ignores international Human Rights laws.> Yeah, I'm continually surprised when people call India as the biggest secular democracy.Wishful thinking I guess.Also whenever cases like these pop up, Bill Gates comes up in my mind. An atheist who has dozens of billions of dollars and would not feel a dent while funding these organizations and more throughout the world and would actually make a significant difference.Yet not a peep from him.

Signed. I can understand Bill Gates predicament. He married a Belinda who was raised catholic and is still a believer. I too married a catholic raised spouse, who incidentally only believes in belief. Bill is probably afraid to rock the boat at home.

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