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Comment 29 by Corylus

Incidentally, I would not site (sic) her sexual history as evidence against her theories. Firstly, because I don't know for sure what this is; secondly because there is a history of books on sexuality written by the non-engaged (Marie Stopes wrote the informative Married Love while still a virgin); thirdly, because there is no direct logical link between 'experienced in' and 'correct about',,,

This touches on a fallacy of relevance (not committed by Corylus) which if I'm not mistaken is an "abusive argumentum ad hominem" (as a quick perusal of my old logic text seems to confirm). As desirable as it may be to have first-hand (Ooooh... no pun intended!) experience of some area of knowledge, it is not required to have expertise in that area. Many obstetrician/gynecologists are males and have never been pregnant or given birth, but nevertheless function well in those areas.

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