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I did not realize how powerful the catholic church is in India A bit of the middle ages where the church condemned the victim and then turned said victim over to secular authority for punishment.

Yes indeed, the burnin' times were run under that premise for nearly 300 years.

It is called getting ya righteous jollies serviced but keeping ya handy-pandies clean of any possible recriminations. They can, hand on black shrivelled little heart, pontificate and boast that yes those women might well scream in agony...but it ain't nuthin ' to do with uz chooks!

It seems a hollow ring seeing as the 'Maleus Maleficorum' was written by a couple of Dominican friars, and the upshot being the recommended course of action was a burning party. To be fair they adapted and interpreted their intolerances from the likes of Augustine, Bonaventure, and Aquinas...who had in the mildest sense a paranoid psychotic fear of sex, one does wonder if those bastions of katolik dogma were in fact self-hating fiercely homosexually inclined gents.

We have certainly many today that hate their own sexuality and racked with guilt and shame take a pompous vengeance out on 'straight' relationships and especially on the women. And then go to town on roundly condemning teh ghey community and in some cases agitate for the death penalty while at the same time having their 'luggage lifted' by young lads or accidentally showing their favourite book marked images from their memory stick, to the parents they harangue continually with the rhythm method, and still have the bare faced effrontery at the same time to demand their children's pocket money...bullying cowardly and morally defunct from top to bottom.

And what can be more an indication of homosexually repressed inclination then an exclusive boys only club that concern themselves with the bedroom antics of others while they have not a clue only the urges that come from the devil according to their spin!.

So the source of the witching punishment meted out to mainly women, was and is uniquely katolik' but they managed to wheedle out of being held directly to blame. And all because a pope 'Innocent 8th' was a sexually inadequate philanderer that feared for his performance being targeted by witches...indeed a guilty paranoid reaction if ever there was one.

It is but passing strange, if not a sad indictment of a sycophantic secular society which allows such inconsistent, inappropriate bollix, that Benny baby hankers after a katolik' magisterium more recognizable as a 15th Century edifice complete with indulgences and a fully functioning office of the inquisition sniffing out for heresy. and how can one forget they have an Exorcist/Ghostbuster in chief...'so who ya gonna call?' ...I would think the men in white coats for starters if not the police...but what do I know?

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