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When Ireland finally crawls into the sunlight from under the dark dank and foetid mitre's suffocating shadow then one can truly say with some justification that the RCC is finished for good!

Almost two thirds have rejected the theist absolute claim and accept the allegorical. The genii is out of the ecclesiastical bottle, to reject the substantive katolik' dogma that transubstantiation is not what they say it is but what they do not say it a serrated dagger to the catholic heart...that is gonna hurt!

To lose that land their favoured jewel in their gaudy tarnished battered crown will be their solemn death knell...and I do believe it is ringing now, faintly for sure...but gaining cadence and volume with every swing!

One generation away from meltdown...maybe two....but no more...but if the accident prone run of revelations of abuse, cover up, baby selling, homosexual bashing, women hating, massive financial irregularity, lies, and damned lies that reaches into the very black heart of the magisterium HQ continues as it is...that time scale may well be a lot shorter then everyone thinks...

And there is no indication it is slowing...none what so ever.

Even my fundamentalist heretical atheist jaundiced view in attitude is challenged on a regular basis, when it is assumed that they can delve no lower in crass immoral unethical criminal acts...only to learn the very next day that they have easily surpassed that bench mark and gone far deeper by quite a margin...the barrel appears to be infinitely deep...this might take a while....but as such an evil and malevolent scourge they will be finished well before we get anywhere near the bottom to see what lurks there methinks.

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