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As usual a journalist covering a talk given by Richard covers one tiny element of what was discussed and picks the few quotes from the whole evening which could be construed as controvertial. The evening covered many different topics from biology to evolution to science to history as well as religion and many other issues. This was in answer to a direct question on the survey in the Irish Times. It was a most entertaining evening, backed up by the warm response received.

On the off chance that you read this Richard, I don't know if you realised, but one eejit on the night sort of tackled you on using the term 'Saint' Paul and 'Holy' scripture, saying that we shouldn't be so deferential to organised religion and that we'd hopefully see the back of them some day. He said this having sucked up to you saying how great you are.

This chap's name is John J. May who has written a lunatic book called 'The Origin of Specious Nonsense' which calls evolution a hoax and a fraud. He was in the news some time ago because this loopy book was supposed to have been launched by Conor Lenihan then then Irish Minister for Science! Lenihan backed out after the story broke.

It's a pity May doesn't have the courage of his convitions to have taken you on that night on the subject of evolution, however maybe he's smarter than i give him credit for as he knows you'd have wiped the floor with him. It was easier for him to tell you how great you are!

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