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I suppose for some, it would be nice to live in world where words mean what the dictionary says they mean. I rather fear, no, hope, that words are not like that.

Neither are people.

Of course tidy minded, black and white, 'either or types' find that infuriating and even inconvenient. I am sure the Vatican also finds pinks and oranges, greys, greens and purples, those 'both and', & some what messy minded types, equally as infuriating.

If belonging depended upon an intellectual assent to a set of propositions, if a religious identity rested upon a positivist attitude to doctrine, then Richard would be right.

I don't think that belonging and identity depend or rest upon what some think and perhaps would like them to depend and rest on. I am not sure they ever have.

'Liminal knowing,

Delights not in hard borders,

Lines... bind, minds questing.'

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