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This is just going to be a re-hashing of the previous poll on British 'christians'. Point out to theists that if they don't hold certain beliefs central to creed X, then it makes no sense to call themselves members of creed X and all you get is: "Ooh, Dawkins is trying to tell people what to believe. He's so arrogant. Atheism is just like a religion and Dawkins is it's pope." On and bloody on.

I'm glad to see Catholicism - indeed all religion - on the decline in Ireland. I used to wonder just what it would take to loosen the stranglehold. Then RC church answered that question for me in the most revolting manner imaginable. Judging from the article comments though, there are still plenty of people in Ireland who have catholicism like they have halitosis: You know you can't catch it from them, but it still makes you wish they'd keep their mouths shut!

Fri, 08 Jun 2012 16:07:41 UTC | #946358