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What a wonderful celebration of biological diversity this is. Simply brilliant! This world is so absolutely inundated with rubbish religious revelry that I get nauseous when I read the morning paper. Every other page it's, "Come celebrate the Glory of GOD and be transformed into a Warrior for Christ!" they say. I hear "Come and gather under our tax except monument to self indulgence and ignorance and praise our dear Leader(s) and also give unto us your monies, (precious tax exempt money... mmmm), and be disfigured into a Surf for Senile Old Men!". I'm so encouraged when I read about events like this one. Each one is another nail in the coffin for religion. Christopher Hitchens said it best when he compared the view from the Hubble telescope to a burning bush. There is no comparison! The next generation deserves to know the magnificence and beauty of the origin of life and the cosmos, and with events like the Ancestors Trail, they will.

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