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Judging from the article comments though, there are still plenty of people in Ireland who have catholicism like they have halitosis: You know you can't catch it from them, but it still makes you wish they'd keep their mouths shut!

Looking at those comments restored my faith in the Irish Jokes!

It has come to light, in the ongoing investigations and litigations of sexual abuses by Irish clergy, that the Irish bishops took part in a cover-up of the abusers specifically because of instructions from the Vatican contained in a 1997 letter, made public this week.
The Pope in 1997 was the widely popular and beloved John Paul II, who is currently being fast-tracked by the current pontiff, Pope Benedict XVI, for sainthood.

Quite often Catholics make statues of their "saints", but on this occasion (as the old Irish joke goes) they can't find a plank thick enough!

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