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I get a slight whiff of blame shifting here onto a dead pope... No doubt JP2 was up to his sweaty little armpits in the knowledge of what was going on. But he was basically doolally for the last decade what with the shakes and what have you! He was in no fit state to find a pew in a church let alone orchestrate a response to a global scandal.

No that report has a definite tilt, I can almost taste it. It is probably factual as far as it goes...but Benny is looking to get out from under! And JP2 is his out!

Cos Benny is up to his piggy little ears in cover up and manipulation and has been since the Vatican 2 fiasco at least in the 60's Anything that JP2 knew went through Benny ya bottom dollar on dude had ambition.

I notice it is dated Jan of methinks they had actually begun covering Bennies scrawny little bum as fast as they could throw crap in the air!

But I am not convinced it is going to be a slam dunk for them, seems haphazard if not sporadic...which reminded me of this recent article

They are seemingly not doing a great job...over 18 months later the implicated in so much more no wonder there was a vague unsubstantiated rumour he was quitting by next year!

Or is it?

When bookmakers get involved best to take a little notice methinks!.

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