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Corylus:I can't recall thinking that you demonstated any cognitive problems when reading you, so if you do have an unusual memory ... well then it does not seem to be affecting your life in a restricting fashion :)

I don't see where this would cause cognitive problems though. I will look for more people like me now that you have given me a possible name for what this is. Now that I know what the hell it is, I don't feel so crazy anymore. lt is hard to believe even for oneself to believe it is real. What connected the dots was the autobiographical part. That is wild!! I seriously thought it was just useless photographic memory. Now I can say it is useless photographic autobiographical memory...Sounds very narcissistic

Can't say it affects me adversely besides not forgetting everything that happens to me or that someone says. The down side is that those who are part of my memories do not remember their own.

I doubted remembering being born. But I recited everything that I recalled happening and they(parents), as amazed as they were, verified my story.

Was a C section birth. the details are vivid even today 40 plus years later...What is the use of this? I can't find one. If I could pick out what to remember and what to forget would be better. I could use it advantageously but it is not that kind of memory like an autistic savant. Although good advice is never forgotten.

Apparently we never run out of hard drive space. Would be nice to erase the tape and create some better memories hahaha or at least be able to memorize on demand useful things and discard the rest.

I also tend to look up symptoms of things. Must say that also looked up prostate problems. In fact I am versed in all things gland !!

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