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Comment 55 by This Is Not A Meme Dawkin's commits True Scott Fallacy It's ritualism, not an intellectual stance. If you don't understand ritualism, you just don't get it.ritualism, you just don't get it.

Ooh, where have we seen this before. It rather reminds me of another blog - which I wont mention.

This is embarrassing to watch. To turn one of Dawkin's brilliant phrasings against him: Of course it makes no sense, your sense of it is mistaken and absurd. It's also more than a bit passive-aggressive to imply they are being dishonest... because they don't live up to Dawkin's version of Catholicism (so add arrogance to the error). It is naive and insulting, just like a Creationist.

I've wondered in the past how Prof Dawkins puts up with hearing the same old arguments over and over. Courtier's Reply fallacy

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