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"Believing" that the earth is less than 10,000 years old has nothing to do with intuition. Even as a child in a fundamentalist christian home, I looked around and had a hard time believing that is was NOT billions of years old, like the scientists said. My father was a mining engineer (my mother was the "do it or be damned" christian), and as kids we were exposed to a lot of geology in conversations with Dad and by living where we did - the mountains of Colorado. Geology was laid out before us like a picture book, and I'd have had to be blind AND retarded not to realize the great age of the earth. My mother tried to tell us it was all because of the Flood, but I wasn't buying it. I don't think I was any smarter or less naive than any other kid. I may have had a greater interest in scientific subjects than some, but I don't feel like I had to "overcome" any intuitive beliefs - just get away from the oppressive religious atmosphere so I could feel free to learn what I wanted.

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