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Comment 24 by Nordic11 :

The reason 46% of American adults believe in a young earth and instantaneous creation of humans has less to do with their lack of science education and more to do with their insufficient theological education. The majority of evangelical churches in America teach that Genesis 1 should be interpreted strictly literally even though the structure, format and literal inconsistencies of the passage have led Biblical scholars since Augustine to view the passage as poetry or allegory. When you are taught that the Word of God says the earth was created in 4000 BC (instead of being told that this view is only one interpretive choice) then the science does not matter. When I sit down with Christian friends who are committed to a young earth interpretation and explain the theological and scientific reasons for adhering to current scientific theories, many (but certainly not all) are more than ready to reevaluate their view.

You make a great point. I have witnessed the same levels of intellectual laziness among my peers. It always seems to come back to a lack in critical thinking ability, a skill that certainly is not being adequately cultivated by our educational system.

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