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Yes I'm sure there is a better name like speed reading, but chunk describes how I apply the technique.

Every one has the ability. As it turns out. It is a matter of practice. I think I developed it as a heavy reader as a child. It was like drugs, I read everything there was to read wherever I went. As an only child boredom is a problem if you don't find something to do.

Reading Nancy Drew stories was what really got me to speed up. I wanted to get to the end to find out how it would end.

Now, if I want to read a book I read the end first to see if I may like the beginning. I think that comes from reading too much you start to discriminate based on entertainment or instructional value.

Having to read a lot of content is heavy, you kind of learn how to break it down to a section of what your eyes can focus on when looking straight at the text. Generally it's a paragraph the rest falls into peripheral vision. People who read a page at the time can focus also on what is in their peripheral vision .

The connection between vision and how the brain compiles what we see is the result of reading comprehension and speed of comprehension. In other words the easier we understand the content the faster we can read it.

It serves no real purpose to just read stuff without understanding it just for the sake of reading fast. The idea is to learn something faster and more or be able to teach it to someone else faster and more.

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