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Comment 5 by Mark Ribbands

I’m assuming something of the Devil’s advocate position, but is it acceptable for extreme sports-people to expect others to subsequently endanger themselves in rescue attempts?

You should be sceptical about sensationalised media reports.

I was once involved in a rescue where that message was widely circulated by different media - The story went, that an inexperienced group "from Ilford" had had one of it's group have an accident on a very rocky mountain, thus requiring members of an intrepid mountain rescue team to endanger themselves mounting a rescue.

Most all the details in the story were wrong!
I was a member of the group (an " A team" from a mountaineering centre not Ilford).

They got the name of the injured person wrong, the location wrong, and had overlooked the fact that there was one group not two. The original group organised it's own mountain rescue with equipment from a nearby mountain rescue post while the local mountain rescue team was busy with another rescue elsewhere!
I was in the original group and saw the accident happen - ( He slipped on wet grass and banged his hand and head on a protruding boulder). I was also one of the first group who carried the stretcher up the mountain after running to the rescue post, and coming down, returned with the injured climber as far as the ambulance.

The muddled story came from one local reporter, before being circulated in the UK national press and TV. They never corrected the mistakes.

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