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Comment 10 by mjwemdee :

This is a great development. Now let's start focussing on the commercial hotel bedrooms of the world.

Perhaps offering TGD to be left alongside the Gideon Bible in the bedside drawer? Any other suggestions?

I like the way you think mjwemdee.

As this whole "atheism" thing is pretty new to me (as is my presence on this forum), the more I read, the heavier the weight is lifted off my shoulders.

It is such a breath of fresh air to see so many people who share my thoughts and "non belief" (pun intended) on this matter.

I work as a Health Professional in a hospital, and am sick and tired of seeing a copy of the Gideon's bible in every patients cupboard or bedside draws.

An idea which I'd like to put out there, is making some kind of book mark which advertises free thinking, atheism, evolution etc., and place it in every copy of the Gideon bible.

If anyone would like to come up with some suggestions on what to write on these book marks, I'd like to see it please.

Maybe something with a link to certain web sites.

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