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← Louisiana lunacy: tens of millions to be spent on faith-based education

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.. ... ... .. And to celebrate all your school years of study and hard work, in this system of superior private education, I call on Governor Bobby Jindal to present to you, your Lousy-ana certificates of educational faith in ignorance. A subject in which many of our students now excel !

We need to warn students that some scientific universities are biased against the excellent education in the new faith-fool Lousy-ana private system, so we suggest you apply to Liberty University so as to obtain a university degree in pseudo-scientific ignorance, -( as you may wish to avoid having to qualify in a basic science induction course before entry to scientific studies at other universities)!

A warm welcome to the stage for Governor Bobby Jindal ! The man who made this possible!!

Sat, 09 Jun 2012 21:09:04 UTC | #946632