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Comment 10 by All About Meme :

For a proud culture whose gifts to the world include people like Ghandi, Ramanujan, and Ramachandran, how in the hell did Louisiana get stuck with Bobby Jindal?

Ghandi was from Louisiana? Because that's where Piyush "Bobby" Jindal was born and raised. That's his 'culture'.

I've noticed several responses on the Freethinker site mentioning that such an education will render the children subjected to it unemployable. Actually it wont. It will render them unfit for anything other than the very lowest paid employment. Louisiana is one of the states which currently has no state minimum wage law (thus, currently, Federal law applies). Is it cynical of me to suggest that some people in the US might welcome an expansion of the proportion of citizens who have no choice but to work for minimum wage? How to you stop the demand for immigrant labour and re-import those jobs outsourced to Asia? One solution might be to create an uneducated underclass who will, in effect, work for food. Just speculating.

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