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Comment 19 by Billy Sands

Mountain rescue teams carry rescue apparatus, so in fair weather travel light and fast without much personal kit. If one of the team needs help, they radio for assistance giving an exact location.

Not sure what your point is here,

I'm talking about dumping personal kit in the vehicle, or stashing heavy packs part way up a mountain (to pick up on the way down) in order to reach a casualty quicker. This leaves team members a bit exposed if something goes wrong.

but the person referred to had to be rescued in non fair weather circumstances pioneering new routes.

Rescues are often needed for people who are pushing boundaries to the limits and then find an additional problem. (and of course for unprepared novices who don't know what they are doing.)

I've also had to help push a fully loaded MacInnes stretcher as the team were short of members. It was far from easy work. They also had very heavy packs. One of which I also carried when the casualty was loaded.

Yep! It's hard work going up steep mountainsides, and hard work coming down, especially if the ground is too rough to use the skids on the stretcher, or the injuries rule this out.

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