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Comment 12 by Neodarwinian

It's an insider-targeted reference to Matthew 5:13-16. Saltiness means pleasing to God: full of faith (an impulse to claim to know things one does not know) and the holy spirit (positive reinforcement through ecstatic trance), i.e. unquestioningly obedient to the church hierarchy. That is, orthodox. Light means spreading the message (memeplex) to other people: waking up the sheeple, that kind of thing. It's commonly cited as an instruction to evangelize whilst remaining a true (i.e. pure) believer.

Comment 22 by 78rpm

That shouldn't make it any less of a source of shame. The ruling class has the power, and thus the responsibility-- jointly with those who tolerate or worse support them-- for what happens to the least in their charge.

Comment 17 by Sharpur

I think you're right, in that the supporters of this who know it's BS have a class war race-to-the-bottom ideology. They want to undercut the peasants in China with their own peasants.

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