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Comment 97 by strangebrew :

most folk feel happy enough that the church has an apparent answer...

This strikes me as very broadly true. It explains why, here in the bible belt of the US, bookstores devote multiple shelves to the religious section.

I mean you always hear fundamentalist Christians saying things like, "The bible is the only book I need." That may be what they say publicly, but it's certainly not true in practice.

They flock to books such as Lee Strobel's horrendously deceptive Case for Faith series which seek to bring their crazy beliefs into accordance with the modern world. It almost doesn't matter what the content of the book is for most of them; just the fact that someone on "their side" has apparent answers that sound half-reasonable as long as you don't bother to research the topics any further -- that's all they need to keep their cognitive dissonance in tact.

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