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It may be the biggest threat to religion, but it has a long way to go.

USA population is about 300 million. Assuming one cleric per 10,000, then there are 30,000 clergy in the USA. So far about 270 are in the clergy project, which is slightly under 1%.

Assuming clergy have a 40 year career, then 2.5% are retiring each year, and replaced with 2.5%. If the Clergy project causes an extra 1% "retirement" rate, then the churches will have to recruit 3.5% per year, or 40% up.

The Clergy Project is international, and so the 270 members are spread over a bigger population. Current clergy "retirement" may already include clergy who have lost faith and made the journey out alone.

When the Clergy Project reports 5,000 members, with 2,000 leaving their jobs per year, I will open a bottle of champaign. Until then I consider it a worthwhile endeavour by, and for, those in a career trap, but not a silver bullet in the secular fight against religious influence.

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