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Comment 190 by Marcus Small :

I used the polo/doughnut because the substance of the doughnut/polo is a metaphor for that which is manifest in the religious life in terms of community and practice and the believer’s experience of them. No one can deny their reality.

Hello Marcus. Long time no see ...

No one is denying the doughnut. I assume few will argue with "community, pageant, and music". They are all good things. The difference is some of us can't see anything in the hole, and repeated questions to those who claim to see something (or like you state "its a mystery") get convoluted bull as answers.

The problem is that certain politically motivated individuals make an assumption there is something in the hole, that the "doughnut dancers" agree, support them, and inflict their political agenda on the rest of us.

If the Catholic church stuck to "doughnut dancing", then even RD would probably leave them along. But they don't. They spread disinformation and AIDS across Africa, etc, etc.

Richard has pointed out that not all RCC "doughnut dancers" see the same thing in the hole. That may cause schismatic ripples to weaken the political clout of the church. You can just imagine next time Mrs Smith goes to mass. She will be thinking "that was a lovely hymn, but some of these people actually believe the wafer magically turns into Jesus. WTF".

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