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Oh please.


I don't feel like a Catholic anymore. I hadn't really thought about it much before, but after all the sexual abuse and cover ups I really started to examine my beliefs. I found that I don't actually believe most of what is taught by the church. I still feel a connection with a community of believers, and I guess I always will. But I'm not going to lend support to something I don't believe in. I mean, I still believe in God, but that's not the same as calling myself a Catholic -is it?

I'm not going to support Catholicism. I just don't know what it would mean to say that I'm a Catholic despite not believing any differently than non-Catholics. Furthermore, it seems odd now when I meet people who think I'm being silly, like I should still consider calling myself a Catholic because Catholics believe lots of different things, and I shouldn't let someone tell me what I really am. Well, what are they trying to do?

As a Catholic I was supposed to believe in all sorts of things, but I don't. Even the liberal Catholics believe more than I do. I just don't believe it, and while I might have never considered abandoning the label before, in light of the abuse I feel I must jettison Catholic and what it has come to represent.


It all seems so ordinary to me I don't understand the confusion. These people exist and hopefully in large numbers, and some of them may not start to think this way until it's brought up. Who knows.

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