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What an absolutely splendid idea. I wish I’d heard of it before. Family booked.

I’m no lover of long-distance trails (unless driving in the Land Rover counts :) ) so I’m more likely to represent a slime mould rather than a primate. But an excuse to visit the Southwest and pompously affect to be there for the healthy outdoor life, whilst actually skulking in tearooms stuffing my face with scones and clotted cream is too fine an opportunity to miss.

One question: has anyone stayed at Kilve Hall before? I’m a little suspicious of a place which also has student dorms and is run by the local council. For less than the £175 per night they charge for two adults and a child, one could easily find a nice hotel room elsewhere, or probably even wallow in 5-star sybaritic splendour. Is Kilve Hall worth the money?

Again, it’s a super idea, and congratulations to whoever thought it up, and then went to the trouble to actually make it happen. Thanks!

Mon, 11 Jun 2012 19:47:03 UTC | #946922