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It's an interesting idea, but I suspect that a lot of fundies will come out with stuff like "Couldnt have been a True Christian (TM) in the first place, invoking the 5th point of Calvinism, "once saved always saved" or "perseverence of the saints"

Other fundies will see it as "an attack of the Evil One (TM)" Like some sort of Satanic onslaught. "Spiritual Warfare" is a big thing amongst the charismaniacs and fundagelicals

Of course, such an "assault" on the pastor will mean that "much fervent prayer" will be needed and possibly fasting as well. Like Ted Haggard, they may well reckon that the fallen pastor needs "a restoration team" of overseers to straighten him out

I doubt if it will have a huge effect on the real fundies.

What would be interestin gto know however, is the theological type of these atheist pastors.I suspect that most a re quite liberal anyway and just taking the final leap. Richard Holloway always strikes me as this sort of person

What would be really fascinating though, would be if a real fire breathing, chandelier swinging tongu-speaking YEC fundy was to do this! The effect on his sheep would be amusing to watch IMO

:-) SG

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