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When you subsidise or wholly fund Religious Schools, which is the case in most countries, the brainwashing of children will continue and religion will thrive.

In Madrasses in Pakistan, they teach orally, and only the Quran. The kids don't learn to read or write but the smart ones can memorise the whole Quran - great fodder for the fundies and there are reports (Al Jazeera) that there are suciide bombers as young as 8.

As for RCC Schools? great for recruiting more pedophile priests. You see, of the victims who do not commit suicide or do not manage to get over it, many in turn become paedophiles. What better solution can they find than joining the organisation that victimised them and protected their abusers? They can now benefit from the protection. The RCC has a ban on recruiting sexually normal people as nuns or priests so they will even be given priority.

When the UK stops financially supporting religion and the brainwashing of children in their schools, that's when you can celebrate. Still, I suppose every little bit of progress helps.

Mon, 11 Jun 2012 23:50:42 UTC | #946957