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Whatever the argument for the catalyst for a scientific career may be, I've become acutely aware of the failures in my own education and upbringing as I've gotten older and had children of my own. I've owned a 6 inch telescope for a year or so now and on first gazing at the moon I had my own 'moments'. The realisation through sight alone that the silver disc in the sky is in fact a huge sphere of cratered rock outside of the reading of the same fact is a mind altering one. I'm stuck now of course with a mortgage and family to provide for and cannot easily change course to a career in physics or similar.

Since that experience, I'm of the staunch opinion that astronomy should be a part of every school child's education. EVERY child should be given the opportunity, if not made, to gaze through a telescope at our skies. Let them all be disabused of moons made of cheese and angels sitting on clouds and we may not even have need for websites such as this one.

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