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As for RCC Schools? great for recruiting more pedophile priests. You see, of the victims who do not commit suicide or do not manage to get over it, many in turn become paedophiles. What better solution can they find than joining the organisation that victimised them and protected their abusers? They can now benefit from the protection. The RCC has a ban on recruiting sexually normal people as nuns or priests so they will even be given priority

I'm not sure if you are aware of the current situation regarding state schools, including state faith schools in the UK. RC schools in the UK initially relied on unquestioning catholics, mainly immigrants, filling them because their faith demanded it. My parents sent me to one - it was awful. But a whole generation of RC educated parents came along that was more interested in how well their children would be educated, and they weren't going to send their children to any school just cos their faith demanded it. Nor were they going to put up with the sorts and levels of indoctrination they'd been exposed too - it didn't fit any more, they'd lived in a culture that allowed them to see it for what it was. So RC schools, had the choice - adapt, become far more moderate or die. They adapted, and many moved to academic excellence or good ofsted reports as their new unique selling point.

I don't know any priests or nuns that teach in them any more for starters. And child protection in all state schools is incredibly stringent. And whilst the catholic church has committed heinous crimes and in not handing over the perpetrators for prosecution, is still committing them, in terms of current child protection it has learnt its lesson.

So go into any RC state school and you will be hard pushed to see any difference between it and a non faith school. In science, PSHE, SRE and even RE. I've worked in one and send one of my children to one. The concept of faith schools may not be ideal, the RC church as an institution may be morally bankrupt but the facts about the schools are that they are just schools, often very good ones. The religious extremists are elsewhere now, in the new weird creationist churches that seem to be coming from the USA.

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