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Comment 10 by orandj … Don't forget the price includes all your food, our trail bus, one evening and one morning of speakers, an evening of music - and a contribution to our nature conservation charities …

Incorrect. I'd already deducted all that.

Sorry but I can’t have people thinking I’m an idiot who can’t understand the pricing structure. (They can think I’m a pedant instead). Although it is presented in an exceedingly complicated way, so maybe I have it wrong – please say if that’s the case, for the benefit of others who may also be struggling.

I think it’s £150 per night for two adults' and one child's (?basic) accommodation, breakfast and lunch only, worked out by deducting the cost of buying all the events, evening meals and bus separately for 2.5 people, as I have, for £150. The all-in price is £450 which, plus travel getting there, would make it an expensive event. (I may have formerly missed the fact that the bus is included in the all-in price).

I have absolutely no problem with there being a donation element (tell me what’s fair, I’ll send it), but I respectfully suggest that next year maybe you ‘load’ the event prices a little more, since these appear cheap, rather than the accommodation. Especially since you have RD speaking, and the accommodation appears nothing special.

Or sell everything at cost and ask for a minimum donation per person on top. That would catch local walkers who don’t attend anything else, and people like me who book alternative accommodation. With a name like this place has, who could resist it at only £100 per night? There are two or three rooms left if anyone else is looking for local alternatives.

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