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Wow, does this bring up memories. I had almost the exact same experience except some engineers at Convair made a little telescope for me. I didn't become a scientist, though, I should have. Living in Texas, I incessantly hear the pervasive anti-science/scientist attitude. I remember being a little kid in the 1950's, though. Scientists and science were held in high esteem, Mr. Wizard and Julius Sumner Miller were on TV, teachers promoted science even if they didn't know it that well. Something happened to all that, it seems. There are many good science shows on TV now, but they're mixed up with pseudo-science, religion, searching for bigfoot and ancient aliens and no distinction is made among them. When I go to the science section at book stores, they have pseudo science and religious books mixed up with them. It's warped and enraging. Graxan, A+ on your comment!

Tue, 12 Jun 2012 15:48:05 UTC | #947068