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The head of R.E. (strangely a self confessed atheist)

this is a sign he's done his research or he's picked a soft subject to get to the position of head.

personally i am of the opinion that RE should be taught at all schools to some level as it is still a very relevant humanities subject and useful to know. most of the people on htis planet have religion, it's good to understand their beliefs, nutty as they may be.

unfortunately, it has to be said my RE classes were bad. i remember a class where we were given some "symbols" to identify, i assumed they all had a religious connection but was told i was wrong about the swastika which was a symbol of nazi germany. end of.

sadly i had already learned its religious background from my evening catechism classes. it seamed in my catholic indoctranation i learned more about other religions than i did in RE class. naturally my RE teacher would not accept my protest that the nazis didn't actually invent the swastika

so while i say i think RE is a good subject to learn, i accept any subject taught by an incompetent teacher is potentially a waste of important education time

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