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Comment 11 by Mark Ribbands :

I have absolutely no problem with there being a donation element (tell me what’s fair, I’ll send it), but I respectfully suggest that next year maybe you ‘load’ the event prices a little more, since these appear cheap, rather than the accommodation.

Oh dear, sorry if I've been confusing. It's true the event is complicated by the accommodation this year - I have little control over that part. It was challenging to come up with a simple pricing system that gave folks a range of ways to be involved - but I'm open to suggestions if I can do better. Did the Crowdfunder calculator help?

You are right re the total prices offered - I felt I couldn't charge folks the same price for shared dorm accommodation as for twin/single rooms - which are fast running out. If you want a 'private' room just for the three of you, yes it would be £450 all in.

As I said I made a personal loss last year. With the RDFRS UK now on board I am now hugely re-assured about the potential financial predicament in which this event could have placed my family, but when I tried to project the likely financial picture with low numbers attending it became clear that I could very easily end up in the red again. I also sent a survey out to all the contacts I had at the time asking for feedback wrt potential prices, and over 80% thought it was reasonable or very reasonable. I am a family man and so I was really keen to attract families hence the half price arrangement for children. I did add on a little extra when I heard RD was coming it's true but I felt he's worth that.

However, like you, I am keen to ensure that the charities get a respectable contribution this year and frankly last year, for Butterfly Conservation the total folks raised (when I left it as voluntary contribution) was £20 (and I paid that!).

All in all, if we do make any 'profit' this year I'll use it to make up my loses from 2011 and plough the rest into the next Trail. I work full time and organising the Trail has taken up the lion's share of the rest of my life to be honest. It's been great fun and a real honour to welcome such amazing people to Somerset but rest assured, I'm not getting rich doing this!

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