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The Church of England has said it could be forced to stop conducting weddings on behalf of the state if gay marriage is legalised.


Arrange into a well known phrase so beloved of hysterically frothing religio-nuts when they cannot get their way and no one is paying them any attention!

The Rt Rev Tim Stevens, Bishop of Leicester

"We continue to be supportive of the gay community and want to see that inclusion in our society increased and developed," he said.

Short version

We thought we were throwing the dog a bone but it has now got completely out of hand.... We want to increase and develop provision for the 'teh ghey cure' ... a mission in every parish!

"I think the difficulty we have here is the substitution of equality for uniformity, that is to say that there can be no distinction at all between men and women."

Short version

How are we supposed to perform misogyny if no one can tell the difference between sexes.

Ben Summerskill, chief executive of Stonewall

The Church also warned that in spite of ministerial assurances that churches would not have to conduct gay marriages, it would be "very doubtful" whether limiting same-sex couples to non-religious ceremonies would withstand a challenge at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).


A successful legal challenge brought at the ECHR could make it impossible for the Church of England to continue its role conducting marriages on behalf of the state, it said.

So they are screwed!

If they refuse to marry a gay couple...they will get royally spanked at the ECHR in front of the world for being bigoted homophobics...quite rightly to!

The Government’s plan to introduce same-sex marriage is one of the most serious threats to the Church of England in its 500-year history

I really hope so...I really do...because they are simply not up for the challenge...simples.

If this forces a state/religion split...then at least parliament will get rid of a gang of disreputable old farts without a valid clue between them.

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